“Asta is for the astaxanthin
& Glow is for the biophotonic particles”

David Horinek, a genius inventor from Beverly Hills, owns patents for his revolutionary inventions that have generated millions in sales. He has created the “first-of-its-kind” advanced sun protection and youth activation formula. It helps to reverse skin damage and signs of aging.

David has been an avid golfer for years. Each week, for the love of golf, he has endured endless hours in the hot, Californian sun. Despite using a sun block cream (SPF 50), his skin was frequently sunburned. Due to this, he sustained serious skin damage and premature aging. David discovered that commercially available sunscreen products could not adequately protect his skin from the sun’s merciless rays. He began to fear that he would get skin cancer if he continued to spend a lot of time in the sun.

One sunny day, while working in his garden, he noticed that wherever the soil’s fulvic elements touched his skin; his skin did NOT burn although the rest of it did. During this same time period, he came across a remarkable, plant-based, super nutrient from Sweden. It had the extraordinary ability of dramatically reducing the occurrence of sunburn.

Being the consummate inventor that he is, David combined the super nutrient and fulvic elements together. He then added stellar, plant-based ingredients that have anti-aging properties. The “formula” demonstrated the ability to convert the sun’s damaging UV rays into beneficial red light that helps human skin produce new collagen, stimulate cells, boost skin elasticity and visibly improve skin tone.

David spent the next three years developing, an all-natural, organic cream that provides natural sun protection and boosts skin renewal. He combined using the cream topically along with ingesting a daily capsule of the finest astaxanthin, boosting his body’s collagen production and cell renewal.

As a result of using his “sunscreen in a pill” and skin renewal cream, David prevented sunburns, no matter how much time he spent in the sun.

An additional benefit of using the cream’s revitalizing plant-based ingredients was the softening of lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging as they began to disappear, erasing the previous sun damage he had sustained.

Convinced that he had created the ultimate sun protection and skin renewal solution, David commissioned a certified organic manufacturer in Oregon to manufacture a limited quantity of the skin cream that was later named Astaglow.

Asta is for the astaxanthin and Glow is for the biophotonic particles that make the cream so effective.

Countless celebrities from Beverly Hills and Hollywood, (especially those who had begun to avoid the sun completely for fear of skin aging, sunburn, sun damage and skin cancer), flocked to David’s office to avail themselves of the advanced sun protection capsules and skin renewal cream system that helps turn the sun into an anti-aging advantage.

These plant-based, organic products are now available at Longevity Organics, LLC in Beverly Hills.