Fulvic Liquid Gold

Damaturu Fulvic is among the world’s most powerful natural antioxidants, acting as a “free scavenger” of cellular damage. It increases the availability and absorption of nutrients and also has anti-microbial properties. It stimulates and balances, creating optimum growth and replication conditions for healthy skin.

http://thevintry.com.au/product-tag/mount-edelstone A uniquely curated powerhouse that stimulates natural cell turnover for smooth, youthful skin.

–  Spray Liquid Fulvic Gold lightly on the face, neck, ears and top of the head morning and night, and if desired, several times during the day.

Fulvic Acid: a Substance Vital to Human Health

Contains rare essential fulvic elements to increase natural absorption of nutrients while boosting cellular renewal and regeneration to restore healthy skin.

Created from the natural fermentation of organic matter, Fulvic Acid is an incredible multi-use healer.  By nurturing the good and detoxing the bad, this powerful supplement has the remarkable ability to help neutralize cells and encourage optimum health.

Fulvic Acid has the ability to realize the greatest potential of all the nutrients we consume.  Acting as a super cell conductor, Fulvic Acid helps allow cells to become more receptive to nutrients.  In addition Fulvic Acid is a remarkable chelator, encouraging cell health and regeneration, while also helping to eliminate harmful materials from the body.  Fulphyl helps food become our medicine for life once again as this pure, potent and humic-free form of Fulvic Acid helps heal, renew and restore. 

A detailed overview of the benefits of Fulvic acid
http://thelittersitter.com/2017 Directions:

At first use take 2 oz per day for 21 days then take 1 oz per day for maintenance .

Can also be used as a refill for 2 oz spray.

Keep refrigerated after opening.   The finished product does not contain any sugar, salt, starch, gluten, yeast or other allergens.